Governing Board

As a charter public school, Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning is governed by its own Board of Directors through a charter contract with Colorado Springs District 11. This contract provides the AcademyACL Board with permission to manage a school within District 11 boundaries and under its oversight for state regulation. The purpose of the Board is to manage the charter of the school and set the general direction and policy of the school. The board typically meets on the 4th Thursday of every month.

Board meetings are open to the public and our board takes the responsibility for the maintenance of public funds very seriously. Our meeting agenda is posted at the school front doors at least 24 hours before the meeting. In addition, the agenda is posted on the school's website. A post about the meeting is sent at least 24 hours in advance to the Sunshine Email List; register below to receive a notification. Meetings start at 6:30 p.m. and are held at the school unless otherwise noted.

Board of Directors

The process of selection and appointment of board members is coordinated with the Board Development Committee. The board seeks to maintain a representation of six community members and three parent-elected board members in coordination with PAACL (Parents of AcademyACL), the school's PTO, and in accordance with the board's bylaws and handbook. Directors are appointed for one-, two-, or three-year terms. Please contact the board president for more information or to express interest in an upcoming open position. Click here to download a board member application.

As of July 1, 2022:

Currently Welcoming board candidates who are community members (non-parents) to support our board ratio of 3 parents, 6 community members. Open positions on July 1: (2) community, (1) parent

Board-elected Community Members (6)

Scott Marcy - Treasurer

Ashley Sportel - Secretary

Justine Marquez - Director

TBD - Director

TBD - Director

TBD - Director

 Parent-elected Members (3)

Bryan Owens - President

Mark Vogtner - Vice President

Committee Support Chairs (as needed)

Amber Moro - Board Development Committee

Finance Committee - Scott Marcy

Board Development - Bryan Owens, Scott Marcy

School Accountability - Justine Marquez, Mark Vogtner

Policy - Mark Vogtner, Ashley Sportel

Charter Renewal - Ashley Sportel

Governance - Ashley Sportel, Bryan Owens


Areas of Excellence

AcademyACL strives for excellence in four areas specific to its charter contract goals: Academic Performance and Accreditation Status; School Operations; Financial Accountability; and Governance. The handout Areas of Excellence, SP 2013 provides more information on those areas.

Policies & Committees

The AcademyACL Board of Directors utilizes the following sub-committees:

  • School Accountability Committee (as defined by state statute) Meets at least four times a year, and often monthly
    • Chairperson- non-staff person needed
    • Secretary- needed
    • Board Representative/s: needs assigned
    • Membership
      • • At least seven members (by statute)
        • The school administrator (by statute)
        • No more than two board members
        • Teachers (at least one by statute)
        • Parents or legal guardians (at least three by statute)
        • Members of an organization of teachers, parents, and students (at least one by statute)
        • Community members (at least one by statute)
    • Statutory Purpose
      • • To monitor the success and failure of decisions affecting student achievement
        • To provide reports to the school community regarding educational performance and to provide data for the appraisal of educational performance
        • To make recommendations to the principal on the expenditure of funds (as a charter school, this should be tasked to the Finance Subcommittee)
        • To monitor safety issues related to the school environment

School Accountability Committee Meeting are held at 3:30 pm at AcademyACL

2023: August 21, September 25, October 30, December 11

2024: January 22, February 12, March 18, April 22, May 20

  • Finance Committee (supports state statute for recommending financial allocations) See Financial Transparency page
  • Facilities & Safety Committee ad hoc, as needed
  • Policy Committee
  • Board Development Committee
  • Gifted Resource Center ad hoc, as needed
    • Board Representative/s:
  • Partners and Leaders (PALs) Development Committee, ad hoc

Please contact Board President or the specific Board Representative if you would like to volunteer on a board committee.

AcademyACL Board Policy

AcademyACL is subject to various state and district statutes, and also has certain statutes that are allowed to be waived as automatically non-applicable, or as delegative (aligned with district policy but supervised by AcademyACL Board or Director rather than District Superintendent) or substantive (where significant changes from district policy occur).

The writing of replacement policies for waived requirements is an ongoing process for the Board Policy Committee. The following list contains replacement policies written thus far:

A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

B: School Board Governance and Operations

C: General School Administration

D: Fiscal Management

E: Support Services

F: Facilities Planning and Development (to be written as applicable)

  • AcademyACL, as a district-authorized charter public school, is currently housed in a facility owned by Colorado Springs School District 11. 

G: Personnel

H: Negotiations (AcademyACL is an At-will Employer)

I: Instruction

J: Students

K: School-Community-Home Relations

L: Education Agency Relations (to be written as applicable)

  • LB Relations with Other Schools and School Systems
  • LC Research Projects, Studies, Experiments and Surveys
  • LDA Student Teaching and Internship Field Experiences

AcademyACL Charter Renewal, Board Policy Section

Description of Waivers from State Statute or District 11 Policy

These last three bullet points are being linked to our database in this website. They are currently available at the Colorado Board of Education, Board Docs section on the May 10, 2017 agenda, item number 14.06.

Where AcademyACL does not yet have a replacement policy written, it references District 11 policy as aligned with AcademyACL’s own vision and mission. District 11 Board Policy can be found on the district’s website.