AcademyACL is a Free Charter Public School Guiding Gifted Learners in the Pikes Peak Region.

Child-Centered Gifted Education- a new Definition! + Now Hiring, Now Enrolling

Posted on: 2022-06-22 02:08

What is Child-Centered Gifted Education? A NEW definition and framework launched. 
An international group of gifted education leaders met throughout COVID, including AcademyACL staff, to create a set of principles for guiding authentic gifted education. It includes a rationale, definitions, common traits of giftedness, goals for students, goals for child-centered educators, and goals for child-centered gifted programs. Click here to learn more.
NOW Hiring! We are seeking teaches who “get” and understand gifted students, to join our team. We have updated our benefits to include mental health support for teachers, we have a highly collaborative team, we have a morning classroom assistant for each homeroom teacher in the upcoming school year, and we have amazing students. Click here to learn more and apply for current openings.  NOW Enrolling! Check out the Request for Enrollment paperwork, and email to learn about current openings and waiting lists. We currently have particular openings in a few grades, and are working through waiting lists in other grades. We offer all-day, every day, gifted education in kindergarten through eighth grade, with a child-centered approach. Click here. 

We provide an academic home for advanced & creative learning, and a place for unusually advanced, gifted skills to flourish. Our gifted education specialty uses a higher degree of difficulty and more complex curriculum designed for academically gifted learners. We are a proud member of the Colorado Springs District 11 portfolio of school choice, and owe support students across the Pikes Peak Region.


We will create an academic home for advanced and creative learning, cultivate personal and standards-based excellence and leadership ability, and serve as a resource center for the gifted community of the Pikes Peak Region.


Our students and staff will investigate ideas and master advanced content, reflect upon their own progress, explore connections between disciplines, and lead others in positive ways to new heights in achievement and service to the community.


Students work in multi-age classrooms at highly challenging levels.

Community Connections

Our students, teachers, families, and community connect and grow together in many ways.

Gifted Resource Center

We support and advocate for gifted students, and share professional development, ideas, and awareness of needs.


Our creative and active Parent Teacher Organization supports families, staff, and students throughout the school year.

Curious about Enrollment?

Learn more about our enrollment process and what steps are needed to become a part of our student body.