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4.23.2020 We have ended all in-person classes for the school year, and continue 'emergency remote learning' with individual Google Classrooms for students through May 1st. At that time, those classrooms close.

However, the all-student Google Classroom will continue through 3pm on May 22, to allow students who want to continue offsite learning opportunities to continue to access that site, with a variety of AcademyACL teachers monitoring that site.

As we go, we are collecting and adding to this site of resources for students' Learning Opportunities. We focus on mastery-based learning with standards-based grading and not percentages on assignments, or number of assignments completed, so our goal is to enable students to practice learning standards in ways that are meaningful to them. When classes resume, teachers and students will work together to set goals for further mastery needed before students move on to the next learning level.

We also seek to provide a variety of opportunities in a variety of formats, as family's computer connections, phone connections,  printer capacity, and internet accessibility varies.

These resources are open to anyone in our community and around the world- please share freely.


These websites are not connected to AcademyACL and our posting them does not constitute an endorsement, with the except of Colorado Springs School District 11 resources.

Please always practice internet safety, including your student's screen visible to you

Supporting Mental Health through difficult times:

  • An article from the National Association of School Psychologists and the National Association of School Nurses, Talking to Children About COVID-19: here
  • An article for supporting Adult Mental Health during times of uncertainty: here
  • A Kid-Friendly cartoon that describes the coronavirus: here
  • FREE through April 15: Social Learning program: here

Advice from Homeschooling Parents:

  • "How to Set Up A Daily Rhythm || Homeschooling Resources for Quarantine School": here

Collections of Distance Learning Opportunities:

Google Classroom:

A Parents' Guide to Google Classroom: here

  • Use your information from your classroom teacher, in ParentSquare, to access the site, get your student's individual login information, etc.

Gifted Education Learning Experience Ideas compiled by Marla Caviness-French and friends at Jefferson County Public Schools: here

Colorado Springs School District 11 Distance Learning site: here

  • This site includes a variety of great learning experience ideas for students at each grade level K-5, and in a 6-8 collection.
  • Note: AcademyACL does not recommend or use the Prodigy game site as 'curriculum'. Why not?
    • At this time- which could change if the game site makes updates in the future- 1) that site is commercialized. As a general rule, we do not recommend sites that are designed to sell product to children and families, as 'curriculum'. 2) We do not have a PII Agreement with that site. This refers to Personally Identifiable Information, which for minors must be protected under Colorado privacy laws. We cannot verify in a legal agreement at this time that the site secures, protects, and does not use students' PII data. 3) We seek complex, high level material for our students to use, and a current assessment, indicates that there are better sites we can recommend with more high-level material for 'learning'.
    • By all means, families are welcome to have fun with the sites that they wish their students to use. For our school's "curriculum" and process of mastery and standards-based learning, including in-school learning time, we do not recommend this site.
    • We would LOVE it if families would use a deck of cards to play hands-on math games. Our curriculum has several to share.

Khan Academy Online Learning Courses FREE: here. with parent and educator quick-start resources during this health season-of-impact, and here with its main page.

A LARGE Collection of Crowd-Sourced Resources: here

  • Virtual Field Trips for families: here
  • "20 Terrific FREE Content Resources": here
  • 100 Hands-on Activities: here
  • Ivy League Courses to take for free: here

Kid-Friendly Search Engines:

Please still practice internet safety, including your student's screen visible to you.

  • Internet Safety Reminders for Kids: here
  • Internet Safety Practices for Parents, from here 
  • Kiddle Visual Search Engine for Kids: here
  • Collection of "Kid-Safe" Search Engines to try: here

ENCORE "Specials" Subjects


  • Metropolitan Opera Live Streaming: here
  • What is Opera? For Kids: here
  • What is an Acoustic Guitar? (we might be making them next year...):  here


  • Twelve Famous Museums, Virtual Tours: here 
  • 100,000 Images from Paris Museums: here

Physical Education and Outdoor Learning:

  • Virtual Tours of National Parks: here

"Core" Subjects


  • NASA "STEM" Learning for K-12th grade levels: here
  • Projects to do at home, from Mystery Science: here
  • Article to Read, about Soap Science, effective against viruses: here
  • "Two Weeks of Fun and Easy Science Experiments": here
      • Controlled variable: The scientist's choice for something (usually, several things) that will remain the same in the experiment.
      • Independent variable: the one thing that the scientist chooses to change in the experiment.
      • Dependent variable: the thing or things that change because of the experiment, because it depends on something else (interaction with the independent variable).
  • Science Mom video library: here
Zoo Visits:
  • See Penguins touring the Shedd Aquarium of Chicago, article: here 
  • Cincinnati Zoo: here
Specialized Science:
  • Chemistry and Physics on PBS: here

World of Math:

  • Online Math practice and learning sites: here
  • Everyday Mathematics, from University of Chicago: here
  • Micro-Finance Lessons, Kiva University. The Kiva organization is a crowd-funding site for small business loans, and they have prepared lessons for students about micro-financing around the globe. here

History and Social Studies:

  • History of Colorado Springs, The Story of Us: here 

Art of Language:

  • Online Literacy Resources, including Storytimes: here
  • Authors and Illustrators share resources: here


Technology and Computer Science:

  • TinkerCad, 3D design, electronics, coding: here