Student Art Show “Imagination”: 30 E. Pikes Peak through July. See below for explanations.

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“Imagination” is a collection of work from previous and current students and staff, curated by art teacher Tony Kamarad:

  • Danny Henes: Two sections are dedicated to artwork by elementary student Danny, with acrylic paint pouring and mixed media, including a new piece inspired by Juneteenth
  • The giant scaled art pieces: The graphite pencil, scaled and giant framed works- including Picasso, Salvadore Dali, Frida Kahlo, our PE teacher, and 4 teachers’ faces into one work- (approximately circa 2015) were coordinated by art teacher Hellen E. Dunn as an integration of art class and high school level geometry class with 6th-8th graders. Students worked in small groups on different quadrants of each piece, to collaborate scale, ratio, shading and intensity.
  • Pieces from this year’s Spring festival of “the Absurd”, where art classes viewed the likes of Salvador Dali, MC Esher, Pablo Picaso, and other absurd art and geometric shapes. Students looked for something silly and contradictory in each work, and stretched past ‘normal’ to find imagination.
  • Arts Integration with an 8th grade level Art of Language Class, scene work for castles, ferrets, and a breakaway television for the play that they wrote.
  • Pi Day constructions from an Algebra class
  • Watercolors, various artists from Division II (first and second grade multi-age classes)
  • A collection is from this year’s Rorschach painting blots. This was a fun exercise to gain creativity by consulting with others’ imagination of what they see in a colored blot. Then, the artist goes back to revise their ink blot based upon based on ideas from their peers and own imagination.
  • Geek Think Films Set: An updated sketch from an unknown artists, completed as a painting by Melfina Cosmato for the Geek Think Film, Red vs Yellow.
  • Upper Division Sketching: studies of proportions of the body and face; close up of the eye; shading; the evolution of the stick man, with one from a lesson on plants with foreground additions.
  • Pieces from student graduates
  • Artwork Adults/Staff: Zoe Feng (giant paper flowers), Tony Kamarad (wood cut, prints, mirror, including pieces from Phillip Kamarad and Alex Kamarad), Anthony Szpak (photography), and Nikki Myers (acrylic) to round out the “Imagination” theme.
    • The giant flowers were created by art teacher Zoe Feng for the 2022 theatrical presentation of Down the Rabbit Hole with Julia Brochey. The ink and vase selections were an exploration in mixed media for mid-grade students, with Zoe.
  • Have a great stroll down Tejon, and
    make sure to turn the corner on Pikes Peak, to see all the windows for this show!