State Waivers

The following automatic waivers have been granted to all charter schools pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes §22-2-107(1)(c), §22-2-106(1)(h), and HB 14-1292.  No documentation is required by the state for waivers from the following statutes until (Enter Date):

State Statute Citation Description
22-1-110 Alcohol & Controlled Substance Education
22-1-112 School Year - National Holidays
22-32-109(1)(b) Local Board Duties Concerning Competitive Bidding
22-32-109(1)(f) Local Board Duties Concerning Selection of Staff, and Pay
22-32-109(1)(h) Local Board Duties Concerning Bonding of Staff Members
22-32-109(1)(n)(I) Local Board Duties Concerning School Calendar
22-32-109(1)(n)(II)(A) Determine teacher-pupil contact hours
22-32-109(1)(n)(II)(B) Adopt district calendar
22-32-109(1)(t) Local Board Duties Concerning Textbooks and Curriculum
22-32-110(1)(ee) Local Board Powers-Employ teachers' aides and other noncertificated personnel
22-32-110(1)(h) Local Board Powers-Terminate employment of personnel
22-32-110(1)(i) Local Board Powers-Reimburse employees for expenses
22-32-110(1)(j) Local Board Powers-Procure life, health, or accident insurance
22-32-110(1)(k) Local Board Powers-Policies relating to inservice training and official conduct
22-32-110(1)(y) Local Board Powers-Accept gifts, donations, grants
22-32-126 Employment and Authority of Principals
22-33-104(4) Compulsory School Attendance-Attendance policies and excused absences
22-33-105 Suspensions, explusion and denial of admission
22-63-201 Teacher Employment Act - Compensation & Dismissal Act-Requirement to hold a certificate
22-63-202 Teacher Employment Act - Contracts in writing, damage provision
22-63-203 Teacher Employment Act-Requirements for probationary teacher, renewal & nonrenewal
22-63-205 Teacher Employment Act-Exchange of teachers out of state or foreign
22-63-206 Teacher Employment Act-Transfer of teachers
 22-63-301 Teacher Employment Act-Grounds for dismissal
 22-63-302 Teacher Employment Act-Procedures for dismissal of teachers
 22-63-401 Teacher Employment Act-Teachers subject to adopted salary schedule
 22-63-402 Teacher Employment Act-Certificate required to pay teachers
 22-63-403 Teacher Employment Act-Describes payment of salaries
 22-9-106 Local Board Duties Concerning Performance EvaluationsThe following non-automatic waivers have been approved for Academy for Advanced & Creative Learning by the Colorado Department of Education.  These waivers were approved on (Enter Date) and will expire (Enter Date).


Description of Waivers from State Statute or District 11 Policy

Where AcademyACL does not yet have a replacement policy written, it references District 11 policy as aligned with AcademyACL’s own vision and mission. District 11 Board Policy can be found on the district’s website.