Highlights from AcademyACL’s State Test Scores:

Results from new assessments (CMAS, beginning 2014, for science and social studies; PARCC for reading, math, and writing, beginning 2015) cannot be compared to prior assessments. A statewide drop is rates of proficiency is expected until teachers at each school have an opportunity to adjust curriculum to new Colorado Academic Standards based on results from baseline, new assessment data.

When 2013 state test scores were publically released, AcademyACL was celebrated twice in local press:

“Locally, four schools tallied perfect scores of 100 percent proficient or advanced [in reading]:… [including] Academy for Advanced & Creative Learning, sixth grade (Colorado Springs District 11).”

Writing results statewide increased across all grade levels by 1 percent. The scores are highest ever for ninth grade at 55 percent proficient and advanced. Here are the top local scores: Thomas MacLaren School, eighth grade… The Classical Academy College Pathways, ninth grade… James Irwin Elementary, fifth grade… [and] Academy for Advanced & Creative Learning, seventh grade, 95.0 percent proficient and advanced (Colorado Springs School District 11)”.

In 2013, 5th grade science results from AcademyACL showed the highest score out of all of Colorado Springs District 11′s schools.

Colorado Performance and Growth Data

AcademyACL’s most recent data shows both high performance and high growth. It can often be difficult for gifted students to show high growth when they are already performing above grade level and the ceiling on the test is designed for grade level work; there are few questions that are challenging enough on that assessment for them to show their growth successfully. Additionally, newer schools often take time to show growth, because the first year is measured against a year that the school did not exist. The only growth scores calculated in that first year are for students who were attending a different school in the same district before the new school opened.

View AcademyACL’s State Testing results to see the CDE website and the School View Data link. Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning is listed under Colorado Springs District 11, with data listed as 3rd-5th and 6th-8th grades.

View AcademyACL’s ranking under the Colorado Growth Model on the CDE Website, School View data link used in the Colorado Growth Model.

GreatSchools Review

The online school review site, GreatSchools, has posted information for parents to learn about schools in their area.

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