PAACL - Parents of Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning

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PAACL is the parent organization for AcademyACL and every parent automatically becomes a PAACL member. PAACL operates independently and communicates frequently with the AcademyACL administration. PAACL focuses on family and social events, student enrichment, and teacher appreciation. PAACL usually meets the first Thursday of the month. Everyone in the AcademyACL community is welcome to attend. Meeting agendas and the calendar are available on the school website and through the front office. Committee member meetings are usually held the third Thursday of the month and are open to the public. Contact paacl- president@AcademyACL for time and location. AcademyACL encourages all families to participate in PAACL to help develop solid family-school partnerships.


PAACL President: email the president


All families at AcademyACL are invited and expected to contribute at least 15 volunteer hours per family per year. AcademyACL staff and PAACL schedule school events and volunteer opportunities designed to create a supportive school community and provide needed services to families. AcademyACL recognizes that families are very busy and family time is precious, so staff and PAACL try to not over-schedule these events.

Attending family meetings, AcademyACL community events, and learning seminars enable parents to support their children in this unique school model and count many such opportunities and others towards volunteer hours.

Please check in at the office to complete your volunteer registration form every year. All visitors during the school day must sign into either the visitor or volunteer system for that day. To register as a volunteer, check out the District 11 volunteer information page.

Some of our PAACL-sponsored events:

  • Fall Festival
  • Chili Cook-Off, Board Games & Comics Night
  • Elections for Parent Representatives to Board of Directors
  • Skate City Nights
  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheons
  • Restaurant Fundraisers
  • Holiday Encouragement for Teachers

Some of our School-sponsored events with PAACL as partners:

  • Sock Hop
  • Readathon: the only all-school fundraiser
  • Winter Festival
  • Spring Festival