Brown, Teresa

Dean of Student Support

Ms. Teresa Brown joined AcademyACL in 2010 in its flagship year as a Divsion III teacher.  After six years in the classroom, she wanted to be able to serve the gifted community on a larger scale and became our Dean of Student Support as a coach to help teachers grow their practice, working with students as a gifted facilitator and member of the MTSS team, as well as creating our own teacher induction program approved by CDE to better prepare teachers joining our program with our focus on gifted education.  She has presented sessions for education conferences (including Denver’s Comic-Con!) as an advocate for gifted learners and their needs in the classroom in Colorado and Minnesota, supported conferences for CAGT and CCIRA in a variety of roles, and serves on the board of our local CAGT affiliate (PPAGS) as well as the Pikes Peak Council of CCIRA. 
She earned a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction and her endorsements as a Gifted Specialist and in K-12 English Language Arts. She was the 2012 winner of the Charter School Teacher Leader of the Year Award from the Colorado League of Charter Schools.
She is honored to be a part of an amazing team of educators who see our gifted learners for who they are and will be, not what they produce.