Freddolino, Michelle

Special Education

Ms. Freddolino transitioned into Special Education after exciting careers in law, instructional technologies, and coaching. To earn her teaching and SpEd licensure, she completed a masters degree in Special Education while enrolled in the UCCS Teacher-in-Residence Program. She also has an endorsement in Gifted Education, her law degree, and a masters degree in Information and Learning Technologies. She was instrumental in starting the local affiliate of the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented — Pikes Peak Association for Gifted Students (PPAGS), which still actively supports gifted students in our community. Ms. Freddolino has been drawn to teaching since she started coaching soccer at the collegiate and youth levels, where she realized that she had a real passion for nurturing and empowering her players to reach their fullest potential on and off the field. But it was not until her own children started school that she discovered how well the niche of special education fit her need and abilities to problem solve, personalize instruction, and collaborate with others to make a difference. Since this discovery, she has set out to learn as much as possible about all exceptional students, those who are labeled as talented and gifted, students with disabilities, and those who are twice exceptional. (In her “free time,” Ms. Freddolino worked as a Twice Exceptional consultant for the Colorado Department of Education.)  As a lifelong learner herself, Ms. Freddolino knows how important it is to encourage students to let their natural curiosity and creativity direct their learning so that they can build a foundation for lifelong learning. She knows that she will have been successful when her students not only enjoy learning, but also are comfortable and confident when taking on new challenges. Ms. Freddolino’s personal motto is to learn something new everyday and she is excited about the opportunity both to learn from the students and staff at AcademyACL as well as to help guide them to love learning.