Jordanova, Simona Benedikta

DV Teacher

Ms. Simona Benedikta Jordanová was born and raised in Czechoslovakia. After the fall of communism she studied education at the University of Southern Bohemia where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree. In 1998 she graduated with Master’s degree in theology from an International Theological Institute in Austria where she got well acquainted with Socratic questioning. Once she became a mom, she decided to stay home and homeschool her four children, discovering their unique learning styles,  creating their curricula, and encouraging her children to pursue their interests, mainly their love for music. After becoming a single mom, Ms. Jordanová became an assistant teacher at a local school, teaching sixth grade math and literature classes. Her students appreciated her love of explaining concepts in different ways, relating school knowledge to the real world, and supporting her students in asking questions and expressing their feelings. Her interests include learning languages (beside her native Czech, she speaks Russian and German), art, architecture, and photography. She loves road trips, making paper models of castles, skiing, swimming, and playing ping pong.  Ms. Jordanová is very excited to be able to join AcademyACL as a teacher, to share her knowledge and passion, to deepen students’ curiosity, and learn and grow together with her team and students.