Szpak, Anthony

Division V

Mr. Szpak has a master’s degree from Columbia University, where he taught undergraduate workshops in both screenwriting and fiction. He has sold television scripts to 20th Century Fox, Castlerock Entertainment, and the FX network. His feature-length screenplays have been in development with Little Engine Productions, Adam Shankman (director of Hairspray, Rock of Ages, and Bedtime Stories), and Gina Matthews (producer for What Women Want). He has worked on projects for Dreamworks Animation and Paramount Television. His historical young adult novel, Nick the Saint, was released Christmas Day in 2013. In addition to teaching undergraduates, he has also facilitated writing workshops for twice-exceptional learners on the middle and high school level in California. Mr. Szpak is thrilled to be joining the AcademyACL family, and his dog, Sunny, is super excited to start hiking the Garden of the Gods Park, almost as excited as she is for peanut butter.