After-School Programs, Robotics, & More

AcademyACL offers the following after-school enrichment programs, listed in categories at the bottom of this page, depending on the time of year and sponsor/supervision ability. Our currently-enrolled families may visit ParentSquare for information regarding these programs.

Before/After School Care Program

Sign up for the YMCA BEFORE/AFTERCARE program. Contact the YMCA for more details.


2021-2022 AcademyACL Robotics Team!

In our team's 8th year of competition in the fall, and our first year competing in VEX VRC Robotics. Our team earned 2nd Place Game Award, 3rd Place BEST Award, BEST Founder's Award and the VEX VRC Excellence Award. Visit the AcademyACL Robotics Facebook page for more photos and updates.

The BEST Award – General Rules

The BEST Award is presented to the team that best embodies the concept of Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology. This concept recognizes that inclusiveness, diversity of participation, exposure to and use of the engineering process, sportsmanship, teamwork, creativity, positive attitude and enthusiasm, and school and community involvement play significant roles in a team’s competitive experience and contribute to student success in the competition beyond winning an award.

In accordance with the BEST philosophy, materials submitted by teams must be the work of students. The involvement of student peers in auxiliary roles to support a school’s official BEST team with the documentation – i.e., journalists, photographers, artists, musicians – is encouraged.

Space constraints at each Regional competition site will determine the number of teams that can compete for the BEST Award (check with the specific guidelines published by each Regional site). In order for a team to be eligible to compete for the BEST Award at any of the Regional competitions, the team: (1) must have competed for the BEST Award at their local hub competition, and (2) must agree to compete in all five of the BEST Award categories at the Regional competition.

Judging Evaluation and Criteria
Evaluation of competitors will be based on the criteria outlined in these guidelines. An evaluation score of a total possible 100 points will be composed of the following:
• Category I -       Project Engineering Notebook (mandatory for ALL teams, including teams NOT competing in the BEST Award)
• Category II -       Marketing Presentation (at hub’s discretion for BEST Award inclusion)
• Category III -     Team Exhibit and Interviews (at hub’s discretion for BEST Award inclusion)
• Category IV -    Spirit and Sportsmanship (mandatory for all BEST Award teams)
• Category V -     Robot Performance (mandatory for all BEST Award teams)

Our team has earned 6 straight invitations to regionals, where our team is often the only middle school competing.

This year was the team's first VEX VRC competition.  The team earned invitations to Colorado State competition and VEX VRC World's competition.

2D Art Lab

3D Art Lab

Board Game Club

Chess Wizards

Computer Lab

Drama - "What's Your Story?"




Primary Choir


Science Matters

Upper Division Choir

YES Club


Young Rembrandts