Hybrid Schedule

AcademyACL uses a ‘secondary’ class-switching model to move students into their needed-level for World of Math classes, and Art of Language (reading/writing) classes, at all kindergarten through eighth grade levels. The student’s needed-level is not by age or grade, but is determined by their mastery of standards from assessments used.

Because this is more challenging during a pandemic where the creation of a smaller cohorts of students is needed (for both mitigation of virus-spreading as well as reduction of the numbers of students/staff who would need to quarantine in a given situation), AcademyACL is currently using a Hybrid Schedule model.

Each student attends either on a Blue Day (Monday/Wednesday) or a Green Day (Tuesday/Thursday) with virtual learning on the non-in-person days, including Friday. Families/siblings and carpools are on the same schedule. Families have applied, if needed, for limited-space options into a virtual learning study hall for the non-in-person days if that was needed to support a work schedule. This schedule began October 5 and 6, and we will continue to monitor its processes and the local health data numbers, for an eventual transition when possible to adding more days onsite for each student, as safely and thoughtfully as possible.