Enrollment for the ’23-’24 School Year

#NowEnrolling AcademyACL is still accepting Request for Enrollment Packets for the ’23-’24 school year. We currently have availability in D1 ( Our Kindergarten) and potentially some of the other grades. Below you will find the SignNow link to fill out for your student to be entered in our lottery. All completed packets will be added to our rosters or waitlists in the order they are received.

Link to Enrollment Form

AcademyACL is hosting an artshow this summer, called Imagination, downtown at Pikes Peak and Tejon with the support of The Paramount Group team and their amazing display windows. Check out some of the samples of art here as the webpage is being built for the show, and more will be posted on social media @AcademyACL and @AcademyACLConnect. #ComplexityShines