Vision and Mission

VISION:   We will create an academic home for advanced and creative learning, cultivate personal and standards-based excellence and leadership ability, and serve as a resource center for the gifted community of the Pikes Peak Region.

MISSION:   Our students and staff will investigate ideas and master advanced content, reflect upon their own progress, explore connections between disciplines, and lead others in positive ways to new heights in achievement and service to the community.

Our Goal for our Graduates:
Students who graduate from this school will not only have a large and relevant body of knowledge, but will also have the ability to analyze and organize large amounts of information, posit creative questions and devise solutions to problems, develop self-awareness, use effective time management and other AcademyACL LifeSkills to accomplish short and long term goals, self-advocate positively for their individual needs, and use their skills to lead others in positive and productive ways as local, national, and global citizens.