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Sherrie Horn

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Division V

Ms. Horn is a retired US Air Force geo-nuclear specialist with an additional Bachelor’s degree in education and a thirst for cutting edge scientific technology and research as well as a deep dedication to this great country we call home. Her military career took her to every corner of this Earth and opened her eyes to cultures, religions and philosophies far and wide, and since retiring from the military she has completed a degree in education in order to teach K-12 students as a second career. Her passion is minimizing our carbon footprint and making every place we leave behind better than we left it. As a parent, a teacher of hundreds of former students, and a gifted learner herself, she needs to know why is the sky blue, why light bends through raindrops, why her eyes perceive it that way…why, why, why? She loves learning and growing the desire to learn in others. Ms. Horn brings that drive for learning to AcademyACL and seeks to inspire her students to become lifelong learners who constantly ask “why?” no matter what his/her field of interest.