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Enrollment Checklist

 1. Learn About AcademyACL

Parents learn about our program and consider their individual child/ren’s educational needs. Check out the Colorado Department of Education's definition of "gifted". The National Association for Gifted Children has resources for "Is My Child Gifted?" Visit our Colorado Springs School District 11 to learn more about local procedures.

2. Take a Tour

Tours are available most Tuesdays @ 8:45am. Please contact the office to RSVP.

3. Complete the Enrollment Packet

Open enrollment for the next school year runs November 1 through February 8. At the closing deadline, all students with an enrollment request are entered into a lottery system. Enrollment paperwork must be for the current open enrollment period.

AcademyACL Enrollment Checklist

 4. Review of Records

Review of Records: As needed, AcademyACL verifies information from a previous school, obtains copies of any official plans in place, and schedules a meeting with the parents to discuss those plans as needed.

5. Schedule a Shadow Day

Shadow Days are available often (and required for Division V prospective students).

6. Get on the Enrollment List

The lottery system sets enrollment priority for the following year. This process will also set the order of any wait lists, if needed.

7. Confirmation of Enrollment Acceptance

Families are notified, by email, of an opening for their child they must confirm whether or not there have been changes in any official plans (IEP, 504, Retention or Acceleration, Discipline or Behavior) and they must confirm whether or not they will accept the opening.

8. Confirm You're on the Waiting List

Waiting lists are maintained for the year, but once October 1 has passed students on the waiting list for the current year are enrolled only when the Academy Director approves an opening at the end of a marking period.

Start Your Enrollment Process

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