Proud of Our Kids

We are proud to share our kids’ Geek Think Films project, #2gether.   Our school year officially ends as planned, due to a construction project for renovation and expansion, on May 1st. Students have worked on Emergency Remote Learning and virtual classrooms since March 13th, and while individual virtual classrooms will close, the all-student virtual classroom will remain open for additional learning ideas and connections through May 22. We invite everyone to watch for the main short film event on May 7th, with the trailer for No One. We will round out our year with celebrations for our 8th graders continuing to high schools around the region; for our Division I (K) students wrapping up their first year of schooling; for the students who completed all of their reading lists for Battle of the Books competitions that could not be held; for all the kids in our annual slideshows… with our Hats Off to our students for their great work this year. We are a school for the geeks, the learners, the creators, the ones ready to go beyond “grade level”… and together, we are learning always.